Thursday, May 10, 2012

Write for Sanghamitra!

Hi Friends, we're trying to organize the next issue of Good As You's magazine, Sanghamitra ( Like the last two years, we intend to release the 2012 edition on (or around) 2nd July, so we're already a bit late in sending out this request for submissions.

Please send us LGBT-related original work, particularly in the following categories:
- Short/Long Story
- Poetry
- Erotica
- Art Submissions/Photos
- Jokes & Factual Tidbits

Features/Personal Experiences:
- Stories of good dates, bad dates, relationships, humourous anecdotes, other personal experiences
- Stories/accounts from straight friends/relatives/parents/siblings
- Coming Out Story
- Inspiration Page (Something/someone that has inspired you to come to better terms with yourself and your sexuality)
- In Memoriam (Tributes you may want to pay to a friend/lover that you lost)
- Gripes/Rants (Any issue that you take objection to and would like to vent about)
- Relationship Profile (You can choose to be interviewed for this, you don't have to write it yourself. Discretion will be exercised per your wishes.)
- A writeup on issues of particular interest to bisexual people
- General LGBT-Interest articles
- Opinions on any queer related issues
- Feedback/suggestions about our previous issue(s)

If there is anything else that you think might interest the readers of Sanghamitra, please do feel free to submit it, we are open to looking at anything publish-worthy.
Please send your submissions to <> BEFORE 31 MAY.

Please help make Sanghamitra YOUR magazine, expressing YOUR voices, addressing YOUR issues.

Looking forward to your submissions.
The Sanghamitra Editorial Team

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