Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Last Week's Group....Marriage!

We talked alot about marriage: what it means, what it can be, what it should be, what it could be, where it's headed, and if it's for the Queer community.

Thoughts? Comments? Here's where to discuss it.

Human Rights Campaign

Check it out here. They have the most up to date information for the LGBT community in the US, and information about current law etc.

New York just voted down same-sex marriage. Boo.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Thailand Gurl Scene

Hi Gurls,

As some of you know I'm getting ready to head back into the wide, wide, world again, this time to Thailand. It'll be my second trip there, and while it is a very gay friendly place, it's a very strange place for a gurl like me, who, in my mother's words for me since birth, "is the most agressively feminine creature she ever came across". Basically, I, like many of you, don't fit the nice butch/femme kinds of labels, being not quite femme, and not butch either.

Enter Thailand.

Well. It was a big lezzie culture shock for me. Big. There, you see, everyone is "this" or "that". You're either a "tom", their term for something past butch and closer to transgendered, or a "dee", their term for something like a 1950's pin up girl.

Just read for yourselves...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Susan Hawthorne: feminist, lesbian, activist, poet

Some of us from WHaQ had the good fortune of attending Susan Hawthorne's lecture on biodiversity and feminism yesterday. It opened up alot of new ideas in my mind, I've been positively buzzing (and no, gurls, it wasn't just the beer I had) ever since, and spinning all kinds of web like thoughts around in my head ever since.

I want more out of life, gurls. More living, more enthusiasm, more action. It was really beautiful to see another woman, older and definitely wiser, who's gotten to have just that through her work and writings.

Check her out :)