Aims and Guidelines

Aims and Guidelines
  1. WHaQ! is a space for women loving women (les/bi/trans/queer/questioning) only, and the confidentiality of this space will be protected and respected by all its members.
  2. Please do not add new members to the FB group unless they are willing to abide by the guidelines set, and if you would like someone to attend the regular meetings, please contact the Welcome committee who will invite them on your behalf (see WHaQ files for Welcome committee members).
  3. The main aim of WHaQ! is to serve as a support for women loving women (les/bi/trans/queer/questioning), where we can voice concerns, ideas, and issues as we face them – and to do it together. This requires each of us to show respect for each other through our words and actions.
  4. When personal matters are discussed, either on our FB group, in person or on our email group, we request other members to keep these matters within the bounds of WHaQ!, so that the trust we build as a community can become stronger.
  5. To that same end, please keep any personal conflicts outside of WHaQ!. Be civil and kind to one another, regardless of any outside differences you may have.
  6. Meetings will be held every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 11AM – 1PM and will be posted on the FB event page and on the WHAQ Google groups. Please RSVP to the FB event if you wish to attend. If you are not able to attend after accepting the event, please make sure you cancel on the event so we are not expecting you.
  7. WHaQ! is solely run by volunteers and donations. Contributions in terms of time, energy, money, etc. help us to grow and make a bigger change in our world.

Thanks for all of your cooperation!

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  1. Hi, my name is divya ekka, I am a budding photographer. I am really intruiged and interested in whaq. I want to talk for my next project i. e. how lgbtq women live in banglore, how they hangout, share their problems with each other, their unity and pride in self awareness.
    I hope i get a reply from ur side, so we can discuss further.