Monday, September 12, 2011

WHaQ! meeting 11th September

So  it's been a month since we had a proper meeting and yesterday I trudged up to the garage door. IT ALMOST DEFEATED ME. But since I am the heroine of my own story, I prevailed! 

One or two people came and left early. Three or two arrived late, just in time to come with the rest of us for coffee. Two new faces - Hi, guys, it was good to see you! Eight all told, I think.
What did we do?
  • Slutwalk Bangalore - is this a good idea? A bad one? Are we taking part, not taking part?
  • Coming out stories. Always and always, support is always such a lovely surprise, even when you know you're going to be getting it. And sometimes even the people who do not support you, who do not like the life you're going to live, can surprise you. They can detach, let go, even learn to accept. I'm a cynic. I think the world is fulll of horrible things and that even good people can show little chinks of crulty and insensitivity - we're all humna. But sometimes, it is nice to appreciate what some of us have, and hold onto a little hope.
  • Coming out requires a great deal of honesty. But honesty in and of itself is context-specific virtue. Our sexualities are one aspect of our lives, as with everything else. All of us are out there sacrificing one honesty for another, whether we're out or not.
  • Children. Ours. Having them, keeping them, loving them. And vice versa!
  • Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of 9/11. 
  • Underground gay bars around the world. You'd be surprised where you find them.
  • Next's Sunday is games day! The event pages will go up soon.
  • How to tell someone who's just told you he thinks homosexuality is unnatural that you're queer: it's a bad idea. But do it anyway!
  • Lavender Nights. Nothing much has been going on there lately, and probably won't until after November. 
  • Smoking. Apparently queer women smoke more than queer men. The smokers in our group were all, WOOO about this. I was, like,  aw, no! My sexual target demographic is smeely and will die young!
Then we went for coffee. Coffee, as always, was awesome.

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