Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're Here and Queer

This blog represents We're Here and Queer, a group primarily for women, founded in Bangalore, India in August 2009. Our group was a direct result and in a way, the response to, a research project on the distress of Queer Women in India done through Good As You and Swabhava.

What's followed is alot of fun, and lots of silliness. It's a very new group, and we are still small. But, we're growing.

And We're Here. And Queer.

You can write us for more information about our meeting times, and how to get in touch with us, should you be in the neighborhood. We are creating a safe haven of support and love for our Queer Sisterhood and we welcome any and all that would like to be a part of that nest.

Love and Light,

Gurl in the World

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